Decisions in Motions Leaving Pieces of Herself.

Elit Class Blog 10 7 HW

After experiencing both pieces, I found myself looking for a common thread between the two.  After looking and searching for a while I realized that the common thread between the two pieces, “Motions” and “Pieces of Herself,” is all about looking and the consequences that come with the decisions made during the search.

Many of us spend a fair amount of time looking into what we are and who we are as individuals.  As a result, many of us become, “Slaves to forms.”  That is a decision.  We become slaves to ideas that might help us identify the person we are looking for that supposedly resides within. Again, another decision.

I once spent nine months straight doing nothing but looking for a job and studying Tae Kwon Do.  Two decisions – one forced upon me and the other by my own choice.  Both taught me a great deal.  The lesson I share with all of my students, that I learned in Tae Kwon Do is, “Most Obvious…Hardest To See.”  My three friends and I qualified to enter Olympic competitions back then in 1998.  We trained very hard.  Fighting for our country was a very cool thought.  During one training session, I thought I was going to be the first and only student to ever score a point against the Master (SahBahNim in Korean).  If it had been anyone else from off the street or from the class, I’m certain I would have put my hand right through that person’s head.  That’s how sure I had to be in order to get those points.  Another costly decision.  The points never happened.  Next thing I know I’m lying flat on my back, looking at the ceiling wondering how this happened.  The master looks down at me with a huge smile and says, “Most obvious, hardest to see. HAHA” He stepped over my carcass and doled out the usual beating to my other teammates.

The protagonist, if you will, in each piece, is searching for something.  Perhaps what they were looking for was obvious all along.  Perhaps not.  Motions reveals that sometimes people go looking in the scariest of places. That is usually a bad decision.  I’ve seen some pretty scary places in this world and I know that if you chose to even dip your toes into those places they will drag you to some murky depths where a person will have to “cut open the body of language,” just to survive.

The main focus in Pieces of Herself was here was a person choosing to look introspectively from a perspective of the world around her.  This person does not have to get on a train, as we experience in Motions.  The train sounds were a cool reminder of my childhood.  I can also tell you that the train tracks in my old neighborhood were also a location of despair.  The main character in Pieces doesn’t go to those dark places.

Both of these pieces also gave me the sense of people accepting and dealing with the consequences of one too many false promises.  The idea in Motions, that the main character was promised the moon and the stars and ended up in hell.  While in Pieces of Herself, the main character is perhaps looking for herself because some promise of a normal life was dashed away or diverted in some way.  All victims have one thing in common:  All victims make one bad decision.

Victims also make some very powerful choices as well.  “In the kitchen, looking for the right ingredients,” and “in the office where she fought to keep them all.”  Those are two very powerful quotes from Pieces of Herself.  The metaphors show the longing and searching for answers based on the choices made.  Can you find pieces of oneself in the kitchen?  I would guess that depends on the choices a person made during their life that would determine whether or not looking in the kitchen would be the right choice.  Another powerful choice would be to go to a public place, like the office, where one works, to suddenly and actively begin to look inward.  People who work in corporate cube farms are way too nosey not to take notice when someone is going through a stressful time or unveiling a new part of themselves to the world.  “In the living room imagining she was someone else,” was yet another quote that helped me with my line of thinking.  The main character wants to be something else, but isn’t sure of what that is.  The poor victims defined in Motions wanted to unveil something new as well.  Only it wasn’t exactly what those poor souls were looking for.

The journey inward is about as steep as any mountain climb.  The journey inward is filled with many pitfalls and slippery slopes.  The first thing the journey requires is the choice to begin.  The invitation to make the choice comes in many offers, shapes and sizes.  Good choices only come around once.  Poor decisions like to keep coming around.  I bet the people who developed Motions could tell you that.     

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