Kafka, Linus, Mayakovsky …Oh my.

Elit Blog for 11/4 class

Once more I had to equally opposite yet quite satisfying reactions to this week’s pieces.  Letter to Linus had me thinking of playing Tetris.  Instead of rapidly building and connecting falling shapes, I was building a falling story.  I was really hoping that this was going to be a system for building poems.  Once I even read the word poem I instantly become afraid.  The poetry in Letter to Linus is purely prose, which makes me feel so much better.  Prose has been my go-to form of poetry since I first discovered my love of writing.  I like the openness of the prose genre. 

Both of these pieces and my own presentation piece has me thinking a great deal on language and the use of words. The word HYPERCUDE had me thinking MEXICAN JUMPING BEAN.  And jump I did.  I clicked each of the links on the hypercube and read the works displayed.  I clicked several times on each hoping the language might change and take me down a new path. Alas, that did not happen and before too long the game, the ride, the experience was over.   While the language was quite engaging, I felt a bit let down.  I began to understand that Linus was some person who was being taught some very powerful lessons.  The lessons and ideals were contained in each of the links off the hypercube. Perhaps if allowed to care more about why Linus had to endure such things, perhaps I would’ve cared more.  Sorry Linus 

Reconstructing Mayakovsky was kind of a freaky experiments with language.  Like both pieces, I scoured the home page looking for clues and some understanding before entering the world before me.  Russian Futurism stood out like a stiff shot of vodka.  I love words like: absurdist, amok, manifesto, propagandistic.  All words very tough to pronounce with a mouth full of food.  All words that sound very impressive if you say them in a loud tone. 

Then, when just one word wouldn’t do any justice, the writers of the home page started string some really cool words together: Communicative Logic and Hybrid Media Novel.  Oooo serve me up another shot please.

The navigation threw me for a loop at first.  The links to the information, which was quite telling, compelling and often times yelling, CHECK THIS OUT, had me stretching the limits of my internet connection.  I wanted to see some cool stuff the moment I clicked.  I’m certain I missed something.  I loved the opening galaxy graphic that places you into the world.

However, the most compelling link in the piece was the one that transported me to a video that was way cool.  The video felt like a real estate sales pitch for a new life on another planet.  I so wanted to strap on my space suit and kiss this rock goodbye. 

Then as the video went on I felt like I was about to get sucked into a Kafka nightmare.  Cool! The Metamorphosis that was going on here is that the video was asking me to surrender all that is human.  Cool. Instead of a giant bug, I was about to become some form of virtual AI.  Franz’s ideas in the 21-century model.  Finally I will be skinny.  Or would this world still judge me like the Wii did and label me obese?  Who knows and who cares.         

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