FUELing Up

Week 13 Progress Report

My story, FUEL, is about the colonization of an asteroid field in an uncharted part of the galaxy.  I will model this colonialization the same way it was reported that the British first colonized Australia centuries ago.  Prisoners will be the ones primarily headed into the unknown.  Once there, the inmates will begin to build a mining colony.  The ore within the asteroids is a precious fuel source.  There will be a central story surrounded by short stories that fill in gaps or introduce characters that will be further explored in the main story.  So at this point in my progress toward achieving a completed E-Lit project I have come thus far:

Writing:  Thus far I have written five short stories that will help begin to build the universe I’m creating.  The stories tell about how some of the inmates arrived at the mining colony. One story is about a rapist. Another tells about a woman who thought she could do no wrong. Then there is the crooked lawyer. I have modeled much of these stories from actual cases. There is also a main story.  That story will be structured in the same premise as the Count of Monte Cristo – one of my favorites. The protagonist in the main story was wrongfully imprisoned. He too, like Edmond Dantes, will have to learn the ropes in order to survive and clear his good name.

Technology:  So far I have been using INKLE WRITER.  I feel that I may not continue with this line of thinking.  Inkle writer’s controls for its free-writing software are not as intuitive as one would like them to be.  This week I will begin to explore other avenues of creating the experience I’m hoping to achieve – the exploration of the universe. I may use a program like WIX to aid in this endeavor.

Art: I will be using Heroes Forge to create my characters. This online character generator is perfect. You can customize and mix and match human and alien species. This program has saved me a ton of time in regards to not having to draw the characters myself. Also I can generate a character look and then write to that idea thus saving time and words on the page.

Time Line:  I would like to have a working prototype by the end of the week so that I can begin focusing on stories.  Once I have a foundation, dropping in short tales should be easy enough.      

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