Fuel … Launch is Go!

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Fuel, a hypertext work of fiction that uses a series of short stories to tell the tales of those serving hard time in deep space. Once launch has been initiated, the lives of inmates and how each managed to find themselves incarcerated in the farthest reaches of known space will be available for viewing.  Fuel – the ore – is mined from the asteroids by convicts. When the Wormwood meteor storm destroyed much of Earth in the early 21st century, its trail led back to a treasure trove of wealth and power.  Men and women who have been tried, convicted and sentenced to minimally 10 years all the way to life without parole, make the years-long journey at warp speed to the asteroid field where Riker’s Island and Alcatraz Prison space station await them.  Inmates serve their time doing hard labor, working in the asteroid mines where life gravitates precariously.  One wrong move and everyone goes drifting off into deep space.

Larry Storms, a government operative, uncovered secrets on Earth no one wanted out.  Corrupt government officials seal his fate and send him off to Riker’s, on the farthest edge of charted space in an attempt to bury the truth and keep dirty little secrets where they ought to be – buried. Larry struggles to free himself and expose the corruption of government officials back on Earth.

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