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FUELing Up

Week 13 Progress Report My story, FUEL, is about the colonization of an asteroid field in an uncharted part of the galaxy.  I will model this colonialization the same way it was reported that the British first colonized Australia centuries ago.  Prisoners will be the ones primarily headed into the unknown.  Once there, the inmatesContinue reading “FUELing Up”

Shawshank Remixed

For my electronic literature project I will be creating a prison colony in outer space.  The idea came to me in a dream.  The book as well as the series to follow will be called FUEL.  The premise of the story is simple:  During the opening years of the 21century a COVID virus nearly wipedContinue reading “Shawshank Remixed”

Let the Hunt Begin

HUNT FOR THE GAY PLANET by ANNA ANTHROPY The word GAY has quite a few different meanings for me as I have evolved into the person I’ve become.  At first, I must admit, as a child, I had no idea what GAY meant.  I only knew that if someone referred to you as GAY inContinue reading “Let the Hunt Begin”


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