Fuel … Launch is Go!

Click here for the full experience: https://rolston05.wixsite.com/mysite Fuel, a hypertext work of fiction that uses a series of short stories to tell the tales of those serving hard time in deep space. Once launch has been initiated, the lives of inmates and how each managed to find themselves incarcerated in the farthest reaches of knownContinue reading “Fuel … Launch is Go!”

Kafka, Linus, Mayakovsky …Oh my.

Elit Blog for 11/4 class Once more I had to equally opposite yet quite satisfying reactions to this week’s pieces.  Letter to Linus had me thinking of playing Tetris.  Instead of rapidly building and connecting falling shapes, I was building a falling story.  I was really hoping that this was going to be a systemContinue reading “Kafka, Linus, Mayakovsky …Oh my.”

Alice, Digital Love and the White Rabbit in the Room.

Blog:  Alice and Digital Love.  These two pieces could be more at opposite ends of the same awesome scale.   Once more I enjoyed the throw back to my generation.  Both this week and the week prior had me reliving my childhood of going to seedy and often troublesome arcades to lay down my handful ofContinue reading “Alice, Digital Love and the White Rabbit in the Room.”

These Loves Fly Just High Enough

            Both of the titles on this week’s reading list really piqued my interest. I have the pleasure of saying that I own and have owned every video game system minus two – Colleco Vision and Commodore 64.  I consider myself a gamer.  I love the story aspect of a good game.  I am aContinue reading “These Loves Fly Just High Enough”

Decisions in Motions Leaving Pieces of Herself.

Elit Class Blog 10 7 HW After experiencing both pieces, I found myself looking for a common thread between the two.  After looking and searching for a while I realized that the common thread between the two pieces, “Motions” and “Pieces of Herself,” is all about looking and the consequences that come with the decisionsContinue reading “Decisions in Motions Leaving Pieces of Herself.”

Ask Me for the Moon, while I look into the Window.

“Window” by Katharine Norman “Ask Me for the Moon” by John Zuern As I began this assignment with great curiosity, I couldn’t help but notice from the Editorial Statements on each how vital the code and programming were to the presentation of the pieces.  “Window,” by Katharine Norman showcased how it appeared that the userContinue reading “Ask Me for the Moon, while I look into the Window.”